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The Affshore Wally.

The Affshore Wally.

The affshore wally the oil rig bam.
The gold rope necklass and rings on his hann.
The highlights in his hair and his teeth ah bright.
Gelled up tae the max and full o shite.

He kerry's his bag up on his shooder.
Full tae the hilt wi vitamin pooder.
Theres room for some magazines and a book of the Crays.
The Golf monthly magazine and the GQ for clea's .

He's got a great big hoose he wants ye tae see.
That looks ower the hills and ower the sea.
A North Face jacket and the Armani jean.
Lotions and potions he shines like a preen.

He'll bust yer napper wi his current affairs.
His title affshore and his BP shares.
His pension his pay and his salary per day.
Yer cornered on the train and he'll have his say.

So this is yer man the stop card freak.
Who wins the best card week efter week.
And when the chips are doon ye better watch oot.
Coz he'll take yer job and yer size ten boot.


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